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Small Business Loans

When you apply, we tell you all the options you qualify for. Want to skip reading? Apply Now and we’ll explain it all to you.

Credit Lines​

What sets us apart is our low qualifying credit score. Different credit monitoring companies are not very accurate, but we will help you pull your credit score without any affect on your actual score. We look at your credit history to make sure there is some level of established credit. We aim for our clients to have around 650 credit scores for our program, but don’t let that stop you from applying. Of course, there are many factors that go into how much an individual can get, such as late payments, age, credit limits, and overall credit history. We can find you more money than you can find on your own through multiple lines of credit. We can get you 0% for anywhere from 6-18 months. Our skilled senior advisors have built relationships with multiple agencies that know exactly how to turn a decline into an approval. Our data has allowed us to sometimes get 4 times more than our clients have been able to find on their own. Lenders don’t lend like they used to. If you don’t have two years of profitable tax returns, banks will turn you away. That’s what makes our programs different. We can help you with creative finance using our skills to make your dreams a reality. 

If you have maxed out credit cards, we have techniques to help you get down to 30% utilization rate to get you approved at the rate that works for you. Most people will turn you away, but we offer personal term loans. That way you can pay off your maxed out credit cards. We then can update your information with the credit bureau much quicker than it normally updated. Credit bureau normally updates monthly, but when needed, we can get your credit updated in as little as 5 business days. If you are unable to get a personal term loan, we have other options for you!

Personal Term Loans

If you have a start-up, flipping a home, or in commence we are here to help. Terms can be 3-7 years for personal unsecured term loans. There is no collateral needed at all and all we need is the last 2 years of tax returns or a w-2 if you are currently working. We find you the best options that our clients could possibly get. We have multiple options where we combine multiple different programs to get you where you need to be. This option helps you get more money to pay off maxed out credit cards.

Bridge Loans

We understand that many people have maxed out credit cards. We don’t turn you away. You came here to get money and that’s what we will help you do. This is for people who have run out of options. Our bridge loans set us apart from others in the industry. If you can’t get a personal term loan, we can help you get a bridge loan. We work with private lenders who can do a short term loan to pay down credit cards to 30% utilization fee to then help you qualify funds you need. This is an amazing service we offer that can be a last resort to anyone who has no other options. We don’t leave you without options at ILP.  We will walk you through every step. If you don’t know anything about finance, don’t worry, we have your back.

Business Funding

This particular option is not for start-ups and is a revenue based program. This option is available for businesses that have been around for 6 months or more. This funding is run through the name of the business. This funding is a term loan or business lines of credit. Because this is revenue based, credit score does not need to be as high as other options may require. We can offer up to $500k in assistance and terms can vary from monthly, yearly, or even daily.  The more credit history you build up with lenders may open up more assistance to you in the future if needed. Our system connects with multiple lending options based on your information to ensure we find the best possible options for you. We communicate directly with these lenders on the applicant’s behalf and use that network to fight for the best rates on your behalf. For that reason, we can get better rates for you than you could get on your own. 

Unsecured Credit Lines for ECommerce

Are you trying to grow your E-Commerce business but need money upfront? Commence companies fail when there is not enough money for inventory and all other upfront investments. We are helping people who sell products online and we help get these E-Commerce unsecured credit lines at 0% interest for a year so you can grow to where you want to be. Your E-Comm needs upfront money to grow and we are here to help you double or triple your revenue. In as little of 7 days we could change the future of your online company. Our team’s experts will give you a free quote to see how much you can get. This money can be used for marketing, inventory, or anything else you need to grow your business to the next level.

Licensed Professional Funding

We have a program that greatly favors Licensed Professionals in need of funding for their business. The requirements for this financing are easier than typical funding might be. We can offer up to $500k in capital with up to 10 year terms with interest rates as low as 4%. If you are looking to consolidate debt, open a first or second practice, or even equipment financing.

  • All licensed health care providers (doctors, dentists, etc.) 
  • Attorneys 
  • CPA
  • Financial advisors
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Pilots
  • Insurance agents

Equipment Financing

Our equipment financing is collateralized loans based on equipment purchase. We understand how important equipment is for maintaining a thriving business. In order to qualify, equipment must be essential to the business. Businesses must be in business for at least 2 years to qualify but don’t let that stop you from applying. We are great at finding ways to get you what you need in your specific situation. For more information on terms and rates, apply for free today.

Franchise Funding

We love partnering with franchises or people interested in starting one. Our program is a no brainer when diving into your new venture. We have helped people transform their lives by giving the funding needed to start restaurants, gyms, and stores. There is no risk to applying and our customers have raved about our fast and easy pre-application.